Archangel Michael
The Wisdom Teachings of Archangel Michael

Words of love, comfort and inspiration
from God's heavenly messenger
through Lori Jean Flory as told to Brad Steiger

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This is the first book in the all new Signet Visions line of Books, from Signet Books, a division of Dutton Signet. Don't miss this unique opportunity from Signet Visions to study, share and treasure an Angel's luminous words.

"To center within the Christ Light within, is to center within your own being. When you center within the Christ Light - the infinite, eternal, connection to God within your own heart - you live in harmony and are at peace within" - Archangel Michael.

In January 1997 Signet launched Signet Visions, a line of books dealing with spiritual and metaphysical topics, with THE WISDOM TEACHINGS OF ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Lori Jean Flory as told to Brad Steiger.

Archangel Michael is most often thought of as the chief of God's armies and the might angelic warrior who drive the rebellious Lucifer from paradise. Michael has always been the most widely venerated and popular of the Archangels and was the subject of Nora Ephron's film Michael that came out during Christmas 1996, with John Travolta in the starring role.

It is the Archangel Michael of love, compassion and divine enlightenment that began to transmit wondrous messages of inspiration to Lori Jean Flory in October of 1993. From the time she was three years old, Lori Jean has been receiving messages from Angels but on October 1993 she received her first direct message from Archangel Michael. He asked Lori to help him to bring a book of wisdom teachings into the world. Then, with Lori in a meditative state he began to pour his wondrous messages forth.

Speaking in simple language and in metaphors of nature so that all might easily absorb the comfort of his words, Michael began a series of Wisdom Teachings that continued on for many months. "In the rushing winds of negativity that confuses the lives of so many humans" he said, "we angels want you to know that there is a place of calm and love in the very center of such turbulence and chaos.".

The place of peace exists within each human heart and Michael tells each of us how to attain our own haven of tranquility amidst the storms of everyday life. In these teachings from the Heavenly Realms, Archangel Michael tells us how to undergo a process of spiritual attainment that will provide us with the lessons necessary for spiritual growth. Readers will be able to heed their own call from the Angelic Kingdom and acquire the kind of spiritual awareness that will enable them to be uplifted from everyday life. Special Angelic meditations will allow readers to escape three dimensional reality and celebrate the gifts of peace, balance and enlightenment.


Lori Jean Flory lives in Colorado with her husband Charles Flory and 3 year old Collie Cherie and was interviewed for the highly regarded cover story on Angels in the December 27, 1993 issue of NEWSWEEK. She has been writing and sharing words of love and light since 1989 and has been featured in various newspapers, magazines, newsletters, journals and other people's books as well as having published their own inspirational newsletter Enchanted Spirits from April of 1989 to September of 1997.

Brad Steiger is the author of over 140 books totaling 15 million copies. His books are inspirational and spiritual, including ONE WITH THE LIGHT (Plume), CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT, (Signet) and MOTHER MARY SPEAKS TO US (Dutton). He has been featured on the Joan Rivers Show, Entertainment Tonight and Hard Copy. Available at fine book stores everywhere!

A Review by Mary Jo Gilsdorf

This paperback book is a compilation of a series of channelings and
message received from Lori Jean Flory of Archangel Michael. These heart warming messages encompass a variety of topics but they all carry the central theme of appreciating one's divine nature and intrinsic beauty. Interwoven through all of the messages is a stream of love outpouring from the Archangel's heart and blessed with Lori Jean's sincerity. Rich in value for the words themselves the book is also replete with exercises, meditations, and gentle means to connect with and fully embody the Christ Light with deep respect for all perspectives and paths to spiritual attainment. An inspired piece of service in mainstream form to reach many.

Signet Visions, ISBN# 0-451-19099-8   $5.99 paperback, January 1997 release. The first book in Signet Visions new line - VISIONS: their new line of spiritual books.

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Excerpts from the Book


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