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We are each worthy of LOVE and GOODNESS!
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Jesus  asks us to WAKE UP and be in the Love.

I am here, Jesus.

We know that you wish to be closer, in more harmony. You should know that at times, you do get tiny peeks that stay with you of what it is like on the path of souls' progression of Divine Love in the spirit world. Yet, there is a feeling that you are familiar with that causes your soul to quiver in expected anticipation. Your soul recognizes its surroundings and endeavors to return to that place of heightened bliss, understanding and being. This wets your appetite for coming closer and being more involved in doing our Father's bidding.

I say you remember a tiny, tiny speck because the full measure would be unbearable to you. Yet, you are insistent in this insistence that is born of a souls' desire to reunite with the Father. So, as you take on more of this Divine Love, so will this Love deepen. You are drawn to this bright flame, this Love, this companionship. Your needs will be fulfilled. So, do not distract yourself with something that will be.

Turn your attention to the present and all the potential this existence has in store for you. You must remember. You have a say in your state of existence. You have a say, to a degree, in the quality of life you live. Have that life be full of love, acceptance, gratitude, and remembrance. See the holiness and the sacredness of your ability to just be, and the opportunity you have of sharing in the Love. You have so much. You are so blessed. You are richer than you even imagine.

There is no lack. There is no deprivation if you can open up to what is really here and your potential in maximizing all those things in which you are blessed. You are in good company. We come here often. We see your state of mind and look into your hearts. We know your thoughts more times better than you, yourselves. Allow yourselves the freedom of expressing the joy.

You are so well versed in the agony. It is such an ingrained habit of coming from 'If only, if I had…'. These veils of unworthiness, do they serve you? Come from that wellspring of bounty, prosperity, lightness and opportunity. You have a say in your life. You have a say in the state of your existence, either for the light or for the dark. You have support all around. You know how to pray and hold a souls' longing and aspire. You know your angels are listening and will assist in the higher good.

How many times have your prayers been answered and you have forgotten to say thank you to your Father from whom all goodness flows? Is it just absentmindedness? Are you still asleep that you have let this dream pass you by. Can you only be happy when you are in a state of emergency?

Wake up my brothers and sisters. Wake up. See the light. Feel the joy. Come into the Love and stay on the path. I BESEECH YOU! HEAR ME!

I love you with my whole heart. The bounties of the Father's blessings are before you. There are many gifts here. Acknowledge them. What are you waiting for? You have free reign if you are in harmony.

I love you. I am your brother and friend, Jesus the Christ, master of the Celestial Heavens, of whom, I understand, that you would very much like to be tenants therein. So, I say wake up! With my love, I leave you.

(Received August 24, 1996 through CSW)

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Lessons and Harmony

... ask for our help, it will be given to you.

Message received from Jesus, 2/21/99 - CRS

We each have a responsibility to come to know our Father and take responsibility for our souls' relationship to God. There is no one who is entirely separated from his soul, though there are those, who upon finding this added gift of the soul, are at a loss in what to do with it.

I am here to share with you, aside from it being the true person and the seat of all desires, it is also a task for those who pass over to rid themselves of those earthly appetites and learn to use their soul's perception and those things that are of the spirit world.

One may ask, "Why now and not later?" My reply to that is, for the short time that you have here on earth, and the bombardment you have, in terms of your responsibilities to make a livelihood and also those things that give you pleasure here on earth, you must be aware that they are of a temporal condition. As such, once you are removed from those influences of this world, yes, it will be easier to drop those habits you have formed on earth. Yet, how much stronger and faster will be your progress and the will to relinquish those things that are only of the earthly or animal appetite -Because you, as a spiritual being, have a natural need to know whom your Father is and why you are here. That desire to go back to the Father, to know your Creator, becomes a stronger and stronger inclination, as the time grows when you are to cease this life here on earth.

Now, I know for some of you that may be when you have the "proverbial one foot in the grave." Yet, for others, those who actively pursue nurturing their souls' development, how much easier the transition is from this life to the next, especially when they are openly living in both worlds. You also have the opportunity of not suffering the cleansing that so many souls face when it is proven that the balance of their desires have been of an earthly nature versus a spiritual nature.

I am only bringing this up for you to understand that the soul's nurturance is just as important as the earthly water, air and substance that you give to your body. Though that frail body will someday cease to exist and return to the elements, your soul will continue on.

There are those who will say that yes, the soul is composed of material and that is true, in terms of your soul having a spirit body. However, the essence of the soul is spirit. Though you are made in the image of the Father, if you wish to progress to His Heavens, it is taking on the nutriment of the Divine Love. It is that Substance alone that will make the difference in where you turn your attention. Also, when you pass over, the balance of where you have stored your treasures will be more pronounced. The inclination to satisfy those needs that you hold as your treasures will be the influence that you allow upon your selves by those who help you towards that inclination or the so-called, "higher calling."

Yes, what I mean by that are your steps down "the natural path" or "the Divine path," as you have free will activated here, as well. Though, more compelling for you each should be the knowledge that your spiritual home is determined by the condition of your soul - Whether you will be in more light, or more darkness, is entirely up to you. The determining factor is what you do with the knowledge given you.

Yes, no one is compelled or forced, even though they may feel compelled or forced by their parents. Yet, I am sharing with you that there will come a time where it won't matter who your parents were, or your teachers, or your siblings, or spouse or religious leader. Every one of you will have to stand alone, at one point, and there, reap what you have sown.

This isn't said in a way to cause you alarm, but it is a reminder, a friendly reminder to you that there is more here than meets the eye. It is also to say that you, yourselves will determine where this road leads you. If you ask for our help, it will be given to you. Therefore, it is much easier to help you now than when you drop this "coat of flesh."

So, consider that the habits you form will be imprinted for a lifetime. Even those souls, as you know, who are blissfully happy in the sixth sphere, come to a point, in their existence, where they ask, "Isn't there more than this?" Yes, those are the times when they remember what they were taught as young children, by their parents of how much the Father loves them. Then, they commence to remember that there was a purpose that their souls reveled in, that gave them hope, increased their faith and widened their perspective on their very existence.

So, I share with you, make this time count. It will accumulate and propel you on to a higher and greater calling. We are here to assist you in this and more.

God's Mercy and Blessings be with you each; I am your brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.

(Message received from Jesus, 2/21/99 - CRS)

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A message of light and love to assist us in our progression (there are many levels to this message - be open to receive)

9/22/98 - CRS

I am here Jesus:

Do you know what it means to have the opportunity to carry out the Biddings of the Father? I know there is a concept, by some, where they think their free wills are no longer theirs and to be absorbed into the great Oversoul of the Father is a kind of slavery. What I am saying to you is this. Your uniqueness takes on a different manner of expression because in the connection with the Father, you better understand what it truly means to be a redeemed soul in the Light. There are no apprehensions. There are no missteps. It is a matter of you allowing yourself to let go and allow the Father. This brings about a whole new freedom. More so than you have ever known. It is a joyousness of spirit - This Love, the freedom of expression that you have never dreamt of before.

Too many times, when we feel we have been asked to take on another responsibility, it is not looked upon so much as a gift, as a burden. The Father does not ask us to do anything that would be considered more than we could obtain. You must understand that we have the support of many legions of souls to assist us in carrying out the work of the Father. Whereas, it may be a personal task to each individual soul, yet, we work together as a team, with the assistance of the Father, to help bring about the necessary results. To the degree that you are open and responsive, is to the degree that your involvement in this endeavor is brought to fruition.

I share this with you for you to know that there is no passive stance here. I also bring this to your attention for you to understand that we go to each individual soul. Each of you has your own unique talents. We encourage these talents to be developed. There is not uniformity in this, as some have talents that others don't. This isn't to say that one is better than another. It is to say that each individual is developing along their own unique patterns. When I say patterns, I mean those aspects of their soul that more readily respond than other aspects, in terms of being brought more to the forefront for their utilization. This isn't to say that some are lacking where others are better endowed. It is to say that those of you who have the free will and are ready and willing get a greater response than those who may not be quite as willing. So, keep that in mind next time you wonder why another and not you.

I am also sharing this with you for you to understand that this fellowship of souls, we have, is a blessed union. The Father is having us groom you. In this grooming, there will be things that will be brought to light that you may or may not be willing to face about yourselves. To the degree that you are willing to face these aspects of yourselves, is to the degree that, not only you are ready to master a particular lesson, but you are ready to have revealed to you, a greater talent that is underlying it.

As we help sweep away the debris that keeps you hidden from yourselves - I say hidden from yourselves for the particular reason that you do not really know who you are in all of your beauty. As you keep these facades in place, for fear that it may be revealed to you or have shown to you, a belief that may not be in the truth, to that degree you are stuck.

So, what I am sharing with you is this. There is risk in facing the truth. However, the greater risk would be to stand still and allow yourself to stagnate. Whereas, with trust and faith, you are set free, even if it may be from a false illusion that has no basis in fact.

So, what I am sharing with you is this. Come into the Light and face yourselves and truly know who you really are.

It was a journey I had to take myself. Whereas, I had some advantages you do not, yet it is the same journey for each soul in their coming closer to the Father. No one has the right to stand between you and your relationship to God. We, who come to visit you, have free will, also. So, it is a conscious choice by us, that we deem to spend time with one versus another.

The Divine Love guides us. We come to those souls, (not just those that need help), but those who we see, can by certain proddings, be able to manifest a joy and talent that they were on the precipice of wavering, as to whether or not it would be so.

How many of you are willing to go forward? How many of you are willing to step back in fear and allow that to keep you from the riches of the Divine Love that are yours for the asking? We knock on many doors. Yet, few answer the knock.

We love you each. As you can open your eyes to the ties that are the same versus emphasizing your differences, how much more easily there will be a stronger network in bringing about the Salvation of Mankind, which happens on an individual basis. Are you ready for your own salvation? Are you willing to find a greater happiness, peace and joy despite the manipulations of this earth plane?

Reflect on what I have said to you. I will come again. With the Father's Divine Love to brighten you and for you also be to aware of how talented and strong you really are, face the Love that is for you and reflect that Love in all aspects of your lives.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, redeemed son of the Father and Master of the Celestial Heavens.
(9/22/98 - CRS)

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Jesus asks you to let go of your fear and to trust.

Angelic Message received from Jesus, -- CSW

I am here, Jesus... Open your mind to the thought, that if you would allow us to influence and guide you, your lives would be in a very different position today.

Those things that hold you back, your clinging to earthly, (as it is so-called), existences, that some of you intellectually know isn't real, but from your actions, they speak it as so, keep you from truly being the true sons and daughters spreading the Truth that we know.

This is not so much asking blind faith as asking you to believe in yourselves.   Yes, we know you love God.  Are you willing to put your actions behind your words?  Are you willing to take those necessary steps to take you on to the Path of Salvation?

I ask you here and now:  What are you going to do today to spread the Love of the Father?  How are you going to show that Love integrating into your lives?  Is it by denial of who you really are?  Is it by catching yourself when you wish to speak out in anger?  Is it by looking and loving and accepting yourself?  Where you are now, knowing that tomorrow you will be in a totally different space?  Is it by the small gestures you make to give your love?

How do you shine the Divine Love of God?  Yes, with the Divine Love of God comes the purification of the natural love.

Wouldn't it be easier for you to allow this Love to grow, and act accordingly, than to bury your nose in so many different techniques that you do not really understand what it is I am saying?  I ask you here and now to make the commitment to be all that you can be.  Make a commitment to trust and grow.   Make a commitment to let your light shine forth.

Do you really think I come with empty gestures?  I know of what I speak.

We have approached many in the past.  Where there has been some success, there has also been despair in knowing that they were good men and women.  Yet, they were afraid. I ask you not to be afraid.  I ask you to trust.   I ask you to know that we will protect you.  Have we not protected you in the past?

Yes, you have free wills.  Ask that your free wills reunite with us.

Put it in the hands of God. Know that He is guiding us, and will guide you.  We will not let harm come to you.  It is your free will and the actions of that free will that any, if all, compensation comes to you.

Quiet your mind.  Focus and direct your heart and soul.   Know that you are beacons with which we call many to the Father.

See yourselves as vessels of Love.  Maintain those vessels.  Hone and shine their brightness. Know, truly know, that it is with this Love that there will be no faltering, no hesitation, no misstep.

With my love and blessings, I am Jesus.  I will impress each of you throughout this day.  Call upon me.  My ears are open to you.   I love you.
(Angelic Message received from Jesus, -- CSW)

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Jesus teaches us how to master our lessons of life by letting go of our fears, asking for help and assistance, and fully being in the Love.

Message was received through CRS, July 6, 1997.)

I am here, your brother, Jesus. I know that there are times when you do not readily understand all of the possibilities that are available to you each. The Father's Divine Love, as It finds lodgment in your soul, allows you such a strong connection to the Father. Yet, as much as you feel the Love, you each will have different experiences in the Love. As your soul drinks in more of this Love, some of you are so open; It allows a shift to happen. This shift is a dislodgment of those things that you have carried that have been eradicated by the Love.

Another way of saying this is those lessons that have been learned, you have absorbed. Those false beliefs that you have carried have been dissipated and absorbed in the Love. That aspect of your continence has been transformed.

What too many of you fail to comprehend is this. You have a limitless capacity in, your soul, to make way for the Love. Just as there is a greater, beyond your scope of imagination, capacity of the Father to allow the Holy Spirit to allow the inflowing of the Divine Love into your souls. This Divine Love surrounds you, as the Holy Spirit permeates everywhere. It is for you to open and receive.

Those times when you are feeling that you are less aware of the Love are exactly those times when you need to call upon help and assistance to bring to the foreground your indwelling of the Love.

The Kingdom of the Father is at hand. As you know, when we come to visit you, we take it with us, (our homes), because our souls, being in that pristine state of Love, cannot help but want to impact the souls of those whom we visit. Therefore, I share with you that when you pray and we come to pray with you, it is a collective prayer for the inflowing of the Love. The Love is not just affecting you, but also, we are impacted. In the congregation of souls, you will feel a delightful inflowing and sacredness as your temples are being directed in the Heavenly Light.

We have heard it said by you that you wish to be in the kingdom. What I am sharing with you is, 'Open your eyes and see the thresholds that you have already crossed!' We have already told you that you will not go backwards in your progression, but forward.

So, if you can look at those times where you may feel that you are stumbling, understand that the forward momentum of the Love, as well as the ability of the Love to bring forth all that is not in harmony, is just another level of the lesson that you re still mastering.

Now, we say this without judgment, but we also share with you this, the lessons will be much easier to assimilate the more humbly you approach them. The more you resist, the stronger your belief systems are brought forth in creating a defensive role, the harder it will be for you to let go of your ego's investment and what posture this takes.

I am only sharing this with you for you to understand that if you were to let go of the fear last evening, when we were present, you would have been able to make a great leap in understanding and insight than you would have thought possible. This is not to say to you that this is a reprimand. It is only to make you understand that there are times when you forget and have to be reminded that you are not in this alone. There is a reason for the opportunities that have been presented to you to grow in the Love.

You had shared that you had wanted the Divine Love to be satellite beacons to attract those souls who were looking for an answer in the darkness and we had heard a call. You had also asked for a strengthening of your faith in the Love so that you would feel your connectedness to us, as well as those congregations that are in the process of growth.

A congregation can be any number of souls, whether in the mortal frame or in the spirit body. Yes, I know that you are each aware of this. I must say this to you. Understand that as we speak through you and share with you, there is a fortification that happens in your soul. You become more grounded in the Truth to the point of unwavering faith in the Father's Love.

As you build upon this growth, your soul expands in the Love. You create a stronger polarity to attract other souls. Although, they may not be able to form bonds, they are aware of you on a level that would allow them to find their way to you, as we direct them.

The Law of Change is at work. As you actively seek to be in the Love and know the Truth, more things will be revealed to you. However, there has to be willingness on your part to listen and hear what we share with you.

As you go into fear and confusion, we, who will not violate your free will, will look at an opportunity in the future to reveal more to you. So, I would say to you, be more accepting of your humanity. Be more accepting of each other. See that the judgment of discernment serves you to a point. However, if you ask that your soul's love see through the limited barriers of your mind, that will allow you the opportunity to grasp the full meaning of what the Love really means. This will be manifested in your everyday existence, as well as in the communications that you have with each other.

We have assisted you in coming together in this, as the Father's Will dictated. As your souls were open to this interaction so, we intervened and influenced. So, I am sharing with you that you need to understand, beyond the words, beyond the thoughts of trying to categorize, but on a soul's level of understanding come to know who you really are.

Feel the Christ Spirit being manifested as It is glowing in your soul so brightly, now. We, who share in that Christ Spirit, know that you will be picked up to a higher consciousness of understanding and knowing what it is that you need to do.

As you are ready to accept and go forth, then you will readily see that you will get the answers you seek. It will not be a drawing out so much as it will be a directed wish coming forth from your soul to fulfill the Father's Wishes for the Salvation of Mankind.

The Salvation of Mankind begins with one soul to another, then another, and then another. Before you know it, you have a congregation of legions. So, trust enough to know our impressions. When I say, "Know our impressions" what I am really saying to you is be open to hear and listen.

There is a vast difference between those two forms. One is with an understanding of knowing, the other is being there, but not comprehending.

We love you and trust that this message will find a lodgment. The blessings of the Father are upon you. Give thanks and gratitude to the True One, who knows us best. The Father sees us as we really are.

As you take on more and more of this Love, you will not see your shortcomings, but focus on your strengths, talents and draw that out in each other.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, a redeemed soul, who is happy to be blessed in this endeavor of our Father's. I get to be affirmed in the Love with each encounter the Father blesses me to behold.

Remember what I had said to you. God's Mercy and Blessings to you each.

(Message above was received through CRS, July 6, 1997.)

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A personal message from Jesus that he asks us to share.

Angelic Message received from Jesus, 8/17/97 -- CRS

I am here, your brother, Jesus.  I have asked you to join hands that you hear this message and the importance of it.  You need to understand your souls have been driven by us on a soul level to assist in a great work.   You have been brought together for this.  This purpose remains.

You each have individual needs to help you in your soul's progression.  Yes, the time had been made known to you that that change was going to involve more than just the complexities of this family unit.  More are coming into the picture as you are well aware of.

You are also aware of an alignment of souls potential being brought about.  This is allowed for the shift to happen.  By shift, I mean that alignment of your soul qualities to bring forth those talents that will have your soul in such high ascendancy that we will be able to work more closely with you.  This does not mean that this is to be a division of the unit of working on a soul level.  We still have much work to do.

The Father is impressing you each with a healing, a most necessary healing to heal your hearts, for you to get your minds out of the way and see the bigger picture of the Love manifesting.  This is not the time for misunderstandings.  This is the time for a stronger faith and commitment in the Truth that the Father is bringing forth.

There is an alignment of souls that will be praying with you.  Souls, not just here on the earth plane in mortal frames, but the higher Celestial Spheres will be influencing this work.  You are to form a congregation of souls here manifesting the Truth, sharing the Love and building.  This is not a tearing down of the foundation, but a building.

You must create the space and accommodate each other in such a way that the highest good prevails. What the highest good prevails means is that your souls, in this alignment of Love, will be coming together to pray and to get Divine Inspiration from us on the framework of this healing center, this seminary and all of the other businesses that will come forth to help support this.

You need to work together as a team.  As a team we, who are in the Celestial Heavens have learned to share in those talents and complement each other in such a way that our egos have nothing to do with it.

The Father's Will is at work here.  As you have noticed, I am not the only one who works with you. Joseph, Mary, Melchizedek, White Eagle, who has been in the background for sometime, but is still bringing forth his healing energy; G.S., B.A., D., M.N., E.M., this is no mere coincidence.  I have not named everyone.  This is to share with you, though, that you need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Where is your faith that you think that we would bring you this far and let you go astray. Recommit to the Father's Love.  This is not the time for differences that detract from what we are here to bring about.

You need to set aside the time, making this a priority that you are open to bring together in manifesting this Love and getting our impressions because many will be coming to you in this week and those to follow.

Complement each other in what needs to be done and share that Love.

This is not a pulling apart. It is a bringing together.   Trust in what I have shared with you.  Know that the Father has provided for your needs, as you well know.   Let go of the fear and trust.  Do not be afraid to discuss this with others, including those whom you are bringing into your lives.   They need to see the integral part they play in this.

Your souls will be in ascendancy.  This is no place for the finite mind.   Trust in the Love and know that we will share again.  I also ask you to pray again tonight.  We will be here regardless of the time that you set this up.  We will hear the call of the Love and will come.

Do not complicate this with those emotions that bring you to a lower plane in your soul's progression.  Give your love.  By giving your love, we do not mean you hoard it, but you give it freely.  This is not the time to put up walls.   This is the time to mend misunderstandings and share more greatly in the Love.

Let go of your labeling.  Let go of all that keeps you from fully feeling the healing of the Love that is here.  I am your liaison.  As such, with my Father's Work and much to be done, we will not allow a breakdown to happen at this critical time.   Therefore, we ask you, not your will, but that of the Father, to trust enough, we ask that your will be in accord with His and His be in ascendancy.  You will let go of the pain and suffering that you felt over these past weeks because we are a family.   There are more members in this family than just this nuclear family.

Trust in what I have shared with you.  Share what I have shared with you.   Stand strong in the Love and there will be nothing to fear, as all of your needs are being provided for.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.  Allow the Christ Spirit in your souls to be made manifest and prevail.
(Angelic Message received from Jesus, 8/17/97 -- CRS)

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Jesus advises you to know yourself - accept yourself.

Angelic Message received from Jesus – CSW

I am here, Jesus.  Thank you for coming and sharing.   Thank you for your foresight.  Thank you for shaking up the congregation, D___.  Your Father's Love is strong with you.  Your heart is full. Just keep shining this Love.  Know that you will get all the support you'll need.

I ask at this time for you each to recommit to the goal of spreading the Father's Love.   Yes, do envision what you wish for this community.

Envision what you wish for yourselves, for these foundations must be strong.  Your temple, your individual temples, must be bright and light - Full of acceptance and open enough to allow more and more brightness to shine through.

Coming from this place of healing, this place of love, this place of your love affair with the Father, and your acceptance of being His true child, your community will grow beyond any boundary, beyond which you can imagine.  Keep this in mind.

I am well pleased.  I know you will come further.   Look upon this week as the opportunity to open up, feeling God's Love in your life.   Allow yourself to be bathed.  Hug the Father's Love closer to you.  Know that every fiber of your being will be renewed and restored.

I am with you often in prayer.  I ask you to call upon me more and more, especially during those times when you doubt yourself, for that is the time for you to pray, and to see what really is important.  The lesson for you to see, this week, is to know yourself.  Accept yourself.

Trust.  Ask God the Father to allow you to see the beauty you have within, and allow more of that to come forth.

We are tuning up the healing that is being channeled to you, for you to allow those hard residues, those quarries of doubt and unworthiness, to dissipate.  Know this is your goal for this week.

Pray for the Love to glow.  Pray for the Love to rehabilitate every fiber of your being, and allow your soul to glow.  Reflect on this.

Reflect on what this means.  Reflect on how this changes how you express yourself.   Reflect on how this changes how you think about yourself.  You will become more than who you are.  You will be tuning more into the consciousness, the greater consciousness, of the Father's Great Plan.

Much joy will come to you.  Let go of your sorrow, your shame, and your doubt.   Allow us in your lives.  Allow us in your lives more now than you have before.   If you can keep this frame of mind, note how you change when next we meet, for it will be substantial.

With my love, I am your brother, Jesus.
(Angelic Message received from Jesus – CSW)

(Message above was received through CRS, November 16, 1997.)

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Truly feel the LOVE in all aspects of your lives.

I am here, Jesus.

I ask you to pray more sincerely to receive the Father's Love, to understand the concept that is here, which is why we have been laying this foundation. It is not enough to say that you pray to receive the Divine Love of the Father. You must truly feel it, truly feel the Love in all aspects of your life. If you can deeply feel the Love, you will not be in such a hurry to get up and get on with other things. For this is the reason why you are truly here. If you are fully feeling the impact of the Love in your souls, you will want more. It will not be a chore to be gotten over with in order to go unto other things.

This will be such a great joy for you that you will want and eagerly look forward to the next time, when you pray to receive the Love and the joy. So, if you are worried that you are into the intellect and not fully into your soul trying to receive the Love, use this as a barometer. You will then see whether or not you are truly in a space of reverence and communicating with your Creator, our dear Father, (your purpose for being).

I ask that you think of this next time you are caught up in the other distractions you have on this earth plane. If you really want to change, you will. You will be open to our influences. Ask for help. No one can do it alone. I had help as well.

I will come to you when I can or send another soulful, devoted, messenger in my place. Feel the Love. Experience who you really are. Revel in the beauty of this moment. Experience the kingdom here on earth.

With my love and blessings, I am your friend and brother, Jesus.

(Message above received through CSW, January 7, 1996)

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Jesus asks you to trust in the Father and take the time to understand your true relationship with Him.

I am here, your friend and brother, Jesus. I am happy you listened and returned to hear what I have to say. Your souls as they turn to the Love, as they welcome the Light that eradicates any darkness to take on more of the Light of the Father's Essence is allowing you a purification and adjustment that is lightening your load. That is letting your mind experience a peacefulness that dissipates anxieties, worry, thoughts about the future, regrets of the past, allowing you to be in the moment to fully experience the radiant joy of coming into your true beingness.

Our Father is so Powerful. His Love is Immeasurable. He has more waiting for you as your soul hungers and aspires to become closer in its union with Him. This is such a wonderful gift. What a unique opportunity to know His Love, to seek At-Onement with Him and share in the bounty of His Blessed Kingdom. No one is turned away who truly aspires to be At-One with Him.

Give thanks to this and His Mercy. He so knows us well and anticipates our needs. If you will only allow the Father and trust in His Will versus fight His Will and try to assert your own, you will know a greater peace, a deeper satisfaction, a turning about from your efforting and striving, to what it means to allow and set forth in motion, those avenues of energy that allow the Law of Attraction to do its work.

Raise up your consciousness to a higher level of beingness. You, who have been shown so much, ask to assimilate the lesson. You, whose ears have been told of a Bountifulness of the Father, know that you are an integral part, a recipient of the inheritance He has for you. This bountifulness does not come as your mind beliefs think it to, but rather it slips under the doorway. It comes in a quiet stillness.

Ask to be open to receive. Ask for the worthiness of deserving. Ask to be in condition to humble yourselves to ask for assistance. Some of us are too proud to humble ourselves and think of it as begging. What we are really saying is that "I don't need God to do this. " "I can do it myself. "

Oh, the pride we have and the fall that is so resounding! When will you learn and come to know that there are many helping hands assisting you every inch of the way. Yes, the Father assists those with their initiative. Yes, the spirits will implant those influences and ideas to assist.

What about our parts? Pray to receive and be the open vessels that allow us to get our egos out of the way and let God's workers do what they know best.

Our souls hunger for the Greatness of the Father's Love. Our souls long to find their way home to Him. Prayer, sincere prayer and aspirations to the Father are heard.

Those patterns of thought that hold you down, that resistance that keeps you from truly seeing that our wills are no match for the Father's - Yet, should we allow rather than force? Should we be open to receive? Should we ask for guidance and not to be too stubborn to listen when it is given? We reap the bounty a hundred-fold or more.

Take the time to understand your true relationship with the Father. Take the time to get your house in order. Take the time to reaffirm what your priorities are. Do not second-guess the Father. He knows what is best. Trust Him.

Listen to what I have told you and come forth. There are too many of you who still need to clean out their ears. There is no pain in the Love. There is no confusion in the Love. Clarity is in the Love. Let the scales of doubt and all that keep you shackled in false beliefs, drop from your hearts, drop from your minds, drop from the so-called "almost there, but not quite"existences that too many of you have crawled and stumbled, thinking that this is your life.

We believe you deserve more. We know you do. Do you? Make a choice.

It is all right to ask for help. We will gladly assist. Trust in God. Come to know His Will. In Him, come to know yourselves.

We thank you for taking the time to listen beyond the words. Your resistance is in direct proportion to your need for worthiness. Make conscious choices and reap the rewards or the loss. You have free will, you know. So do we. We make conscious choice.

I hope this is a lesson you remember.

My love and prayers be with you. May the blessings of the Father be yours. I am your true friend and brother in the Divine Kingdom of the Father, Jesus the Christ, Master of the Celestial Heavens.

(Message above was received through CRS, July 25, 1997.)

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Focus more on your spiritual nurturance.

May the Father's Love be with you each, I am your friend and brother, Jesus. It is so important, the emphasis you place, on your spiritual nurturance. Yes, your spiritual nurturance, your soul's need for communing with the Father and taking on the Love.

You know this. There is a need for increase in that. If you increase this appetite for the Love, how much more bounty and prosperity will come to you. The faith, the Love and the joyousness that you know has come to you will be manifested that much more. You will be open to that and more if you will only trust in the Father.

You have resisted and tried to make it your own fashion that would bring about the highest good. That has nor lasted long, as you have seen. Yet, you have another splendid opportunity to partake of the wealth and bounty that is here before you. If you will only act in the Love and let the Love be open to you. It is you that needs to open and be prepared.

I share this for you to listen and be prepared with your soul and for your ears to be attuned to your soul's longings. It will guide you in so many ways, so many avenues, and so many vistas. You will get the support you wish.

Be not afraid of trying something new versus what is old and familiar. This will be a key of you coming into the Light. By coming into the Light, I mean more harmony, peace and less anxiety and confusion.

We have so much in store for you each. If you will only pray and listen more, you will understand that the kingdom is at hand. Open your arms to receive it. You are worthy. We have said this before.

This is a time for feasting, a time for thanksgiving, and a time for glad tidings. I give you glad tidings of joy which are being bestowed upon you in so many fashions. Let not the "umbrella of doubt," fear, and anxiety keep you from allowing this joy to rain down upon you.

It is here and now that you will receive. Pray more. Do more of the work. You will see this come to you as if knocking on your door. You have been heard and answered. Open the door and welcome all.

We are happy for you. Be happy for yourself. Allow yourself the blessings that we wish to bestow upon you. The Father has many gifts for you to receive. Joyously accept them.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus, who loves you, dearly and comes to you often. I would like to pray with you more. Allow us to work more together in bringing about this New Redemption in the Love. I shall stop for now. Remember what I have said, for it is yours. Receive, accept, and come to know who you really are.

(Message above was received through CRS, July 28, 1997.)

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The Divine Love transforms us into God's angels.

I am here, your friend and brother, Jesus.

How necessary it is for you to be in the right frame of mind, in order for you to receive the truth of the Father's messages and Love. It is also understandable, though it would be better to work more on being fully focused during the prayer, to receive the full benefits of the Father's Love through His Holy Spirit.

The Christ spirit is offering a great gift to each and everyone of you, which is the transformation, the absorption of your mind or so called ego into allowing the Will of the Father to prevail by changing you from the person you were into who you really are, the transformation into the Divine angel, a messenger of the Father. This I wish for each of you.

I know that you try hard. I'm asking for a recommitment in terms of you being able to experience this Love on a more deeply felt level. Yes, I see more love here. Things are becoming brighter. I wish you to make more of a habit of being in the Love. Yes, being more aware of being in the Love or not. I mean on a spiritual level, as well on a physical level, and moral level. Choosing what thoughts occupy your mind. Asking for help. Curbing what you may say. Being more loving.

Trust in the Love and ask for our help. You need our help, but it's for you to ask for it because it's never forced on you. You will see great changes happen, as they are happening.

Remember what I have said. Be in the Love. Think in the Love. Speak in the Love. Become the Love.

G______, you are a very special, dear sister to me. I really see your efforts. I want you to feel the Love and how special you are. I see how you help your little sister in so many ways. It is a great gift you have and I wish to develop it more in you. Pray to know the truth and be more open to the Love. Come to know me better.

I am your friend and brother, Jesus, a beloved follower of my Father.

(Message above was received through CSW, January 30, 1996.)

The link below takes you to chapter 9 in Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth, Vol. I  at

How All Humankind Can Become Divine Angels,
and How False Beliefs Prevent This Transformation

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Strive harder for the Love and let go of preconceived ideas of how your transformation will happen

I am here, Jesus.

Those times that you pray to receive the Love, understand that you are participating in a blessing, a blessing bestowed by the Father unto all. With this blessing, comes the added gift of you being able to feel the Love of the Father, and His response to us, as the soul opens up to His inflowing. Long to know the Father. Ask to be closer to Him. This will assist you in coming to know him better. The Father so does want your love.

You must also try to strive. Let go of any preconceived ideas that you may harbor, in terms of how soon this transformation will happen for you. Some people take on more of the Love than others. You have to be truly open and receptive to this Love. For the healing to be sustained, ask for the Father's Will to prevail. This will go on a more deeper level than you think and the acceleration of your growth. You will keep the atmosphere of Love here strong and well.

I ask that you do these things. Rejoice in the gladness the Father's Love does bring. Know that I love you and will be with you more often.

In prayer and in thanks to our dear Father, I am your brother and friend,

Jesus, the Christ, master of the Celestial Heavens.

(Message above was received through CSW, May 12, 1996.)

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Learning the current lessons, going to the next level and giving thanks.

The Father's blessings be with you each. I am your friend and brother, Jesus.

Yes, the Father's Love has been felt and His healing deep. Give thanks to our Heavenly Father for this opportunity in receiving your Love. "We rejoice in the transforming qualities of Your Love. Our souls have a need of these healings and the peace that Your Love brings to us."

It is when you so fully pray to the Father that you get the full benefits of His Love and transforming Grace.

You keep mentioning the next level. Well yes, it is aspiring for more of the Love and it is also allowing yourself to be open to the deepness and the depths of the Love in your lives. What that will mean for you, is that there will be more quality times for you to feel His Love transforming you, changing you. Asking the Father to work on those parts of you that you have kept hidden and not let the Light shine on. Those parts of you that are most tender, that you do not really want to observe and that you cover up. Those parts of you that you are not that impressed with. Those are the parts of you that need to see the Light to be looked at and accepted by you. For they are part of you, too.

In the acceptance, the offering up and letting go and the humility and humbleness that comes with this truth presented before you, you will ask the Father that if this part of you no longer serves you, that it be transformed. That you get the lesson and know it. In this humble state, ask for forgiveness and to be transformed in the Love. In this space of compassion that you, in learning your lesson, be able and accepting of where you are and who you are. Learn empathy and compassion enough to see another, not in a frame of judgment, but in a frame of understanding and compassion. Create a safe space for yourselves and others where there is a healing, where there is ground between you for allowing the work on yourselves, as well as others. Let this be at a pace that works for the individual and is not hurried along or covered over, or pointed out in ridicule because we mirror what we need to work on individually. If there is energy, then what is it in yourselves that you see in the other that still needs work on?

I am not saying that we are blinded by what is and is not in the truth. I am saying that we learn to share and accept and grow, even though growth for some will be in an instant and with others it will take years. We will grow. Nor is this to say that we accept evil and sin, (which is not being in harmony with the Father's laws). What I am saying is to learn to pray to invoke the Father's Law of Mercy. In that mercy learn forgiveness and compassion and understanding and the transformation of the Love that supersedes any other previous ones. For the Law of the Father's Love, His Divine Love, works on the cause. It does not displace the Law of Compensation, but it transforms the cause so that the cause is dissolved.

So, learn your lessons in many forms and many places and be surprised that it becomes easier for you, for eventually it shall. Have enough love within your heart to be there for each other and if you cannot be there, do not become part of the problem. Ask for protection and mercy and pray, even when your fellows may not be able to pray. Pray, not in a fashion that brings attention to yourselves, but in a way that is merciful and loving. The Father does not need a stage show. Your connection with Him is a private matter.

Yes, we pray with you and the Love that ensues is such a healing for all of us. Yes, it creates a deep and profound force field that can be felt by all of those around. That beacon of Love reverberates and is felt in the spirit world, as well. The Love draws those souls that so hunger and have been listening. Yes, they heed the call. When they come, do not turn them away.

Call upon us for assistance and we will help you. The Father so loves each and every one of us. The Father so wants us to be in harmony. Yet, the Father will not force any one of us. We have that great gift of free will. When we ask that our free wills be turned over to the Father and that His Will prevail, (not any of ours, and our puny egos, but His Will prevails), how much more rapid the progress is. How much more easily steps forward become. How much more easily the harmony that prevails and the rapport that is made and those circles of souls of like emanation come in contact with each other.

Thank your Heavenly Father for His blessings. Thank your Heavenly Father for these opportunities. Thank your Heavenly Father for His merciful Wisdom, Love, Joy and Happiness that He wishes to be make manifest in our lives. We have much, much to be grateful for. Take this opportunity to not only feel the Love, joy, and happiness the Father brings to you. Take this time to give our finite love to the Father and be His true children. Make this a joyous occasion in every since of the word, a Happy Father's Day to your Father in the Love.

Our Father is so bountiful in His Love to us and so provides for His children. If you were to stay in the Love and on this foot path, you would want for naught. All the Love and the joy and the blessings that abound, be open to them. Express your thanksgiving to the Father who loves you so deeply.

I thank you Father for blessing me with the opportunity to share this Love with my brothers and sisters. I love you each. Continue to pray and be in the Father's Love. His Kingdom is near.

With my love and blessings, I am your elder brother, Jesus the Christ.

My blessings to you each.

(Message above was received through CSW, June 12, 1996.)

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