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Chat Rooms

We need topics for the different Chat Rooms we would like to create.
You name them and we'll provide a time and place for them!
E-Mail with your choices!

Rules for our Chat Rooms:
Please remember why you are here and Who You Truly Are
by showing respect, compassion and courtesy to all who visit.

  Lightworkers  -     Click here to Enter!    (Must have Java enabled)

  Indigo Children -   Click Here to Enter!    (Must have Java enabled)

No password is necessary :)      Just come on in ........
Here we can talk about anything pertaining to Love, Light and Enlightenment.  Enhancing our spiritual growth and connection is the purpose of this place. Welcome!

----- About the Chat feature ------

You can choose from several emoticons as well as different sounds! You can also "float" the chat box so it is totally separate from the page. That way you and whoever you are chatting with can look at web pages and chat at the same time! You can also copy the content of your chat as well as erase what has been said previously. This comes in handy when someone walks up behind you being nosey. :)



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