MY Birthday Gift! :)

This is so amazing! On my birthday, I was working on a background for a client and this is what came through. I took this picture of clouds and randomly added a little pink and blue. I had intended to blur the colors together. Then I thought I needed it to be larger to cut out a piece for the tiled background. So I put them together in my graphics program.

When I put the 4 squares together, this is what I saw. Awesome! I believe that this is a message to me from my angels. I have been searching for some sort of confirmation that they were hearing me for a while now. I have even been working on an oil painting and hoping they would help me with something extraordinary. It never occurred to me that they would do it within my graphic design!
What do you see? :)


Star Person or Angel?

To see a larger more detailed picture CLICK HERE.

The above creation is the copyright of  Serenity's Spiritual Creations, 1999.
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I got to thinking, after many people saw this, if maybe I was on to something here. So I decided to do the other weather cloud photos I had collected and see what would appear. If you would like to see these click here. I would also love to hear your feedback on these too. :)

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Here is the picture I used. Try it yourself! Turn it long ways, make 3 more copies, turn each copy the direction it needs to be to get the clouds to line up smoothly. See?!!!

stratocumulus1.gif (72561 bytes)
stratocumulus cloud photo


What do you see?
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