As Lightworkers, I would imagine that we all pretty much have the same basic dream of peace, love, harmony and compassion being the main focus for all life on Earth. What I would like to ask you is how you see this playing out in your everyday life. I would love for you to describe for us, a typical day in the Awakened World as you see it. In this description, we want to hear what you will bring into your life that is not already there or what you will accentuate of what is already there. This vision needs to contain all of the senses... see, hear, feel, taste and touch. 

      I believe that by writing it out for all to become a part of, we are manifesting it faster and in a more concrete way. This process will take a while to do as it requires much concentration. Perhaps many of you have already done this, send it in if you are willing to share! It's important that we see what we are all trying to manifest so that we may all be "on the same page", so to speak, collectively. If you agree and are willing to participate, here is the process we will follow.....

      Make some quiet time for you to think, dream and write everyday until you have your dream like you want it. Sign it with whatever name you use that is most comfortable. :) E-mail it to serenity@namastecafe.com in plain text format. Either copy and paste it into a mail message or write it in the message. This way I can just copy it to a web page and post it quickly. 


...Do you really know what it is that brightens the light in your heart? Can you put it into words? Come on, let's show a strong visualization of what this looks like!


Bookmark this page and check back from time to time and see what we have posted that is new. I will be posting the first few visions sent in over the next week. It would also be great it you passed this page address onto friends and family that you think would like to participate in this Worldwide Visualization. You can easily do this by clicking the link below.

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Below are some of the dreams/visions
that visitors have sent in to us.....


You asked what would be an ideal day in my vision of a balanced world. My vision is quite simple really:

- I would be able to follow my intuition wherever it led without being constrained by other people's expectations, rules, or structure.

- I would be able to compassionately express  my truth without criticism , while maintaining the balance of free will and personal boundary.

- Everyone would abound by their own beliefs and morals while respecting the beliefs of those around them.

- And lastly, everyone would be working towards the good of the whole instead of the good of the individual.

Ami Muranetz


I have also attended to the messages of Spirit in different and wondrous ways. I too was raised Catholic and adored the serenity of the solemn mass and the aura of that blessedness in prayer. I as a child have been a part of my own communication that blossomed forth from time to time, but that has become a cyclical loving flow. I have a website that I put together, I write continually and create. My dream is for us all to love one another as Sparks of Divinity from that place of Blissful Heartfelt Sacredness and Softness - as an angelic flower in progression. Truly, Life would be the celebration of Truth, Understanding, and Joy the expansion experience was meant to be!

All Love in LightSparkles!


One day, a good witch was going down the escalator at the department store.  As she looked around her, she noticed that she was different. All of the others on the escalator were tan with long blonde hair, in beautiful clothes on beautiful bodies, they walked into the parking lot to their beautiful cars. She was thin, pale with short, dark hair, and not much money left in her purse, she walked into the parking lot to her nine year old car. She felt alone. She felt unacceptable. Why am I so different? If I could look and be just like them...... would my life have more love in it?


So she took out her good wand and cast this spell on the world:

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
who's the fairest of them all?
All are beautiful as can be.
Happy with one another are we.
From what others think I am free.

......... And the next morning when the world woke up, it was somehow, mysteriously, yet happily......... content.

-- MotherGuth

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