This painting was done by Josephine Wall.

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Ian Prattis is a poet, scholar, peace and environmental activist.

As a Professor of Anthropology and Religion he currently teaches courses on Ecology, Symbols, Globalization, and Consciousness.

As a meditation teacher he encourages people to find their true nature, so that humanity and the world may be renewed. He has trained with Masters in Buddhist, Vedic, and Shamanic traditions.

The meditation teacher is not separate from the professor or the global citizen.

I found this article at the Ian Prattis website. It is most fascinating and teaches you to achieve Altered States of Consciousness through the use of breath. It explains the use of Shamanic Journeys to heal the unconscious. EXCELLENT!!!! Click the link below to read this 33 page essay in PDF format.


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The painting above was done by Josephine Wall.

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