I call upon the people of the world to unite in prayer in an effort to put an end to these relentless and barbaric acts of horror.


Even in the face of terror, if we look, we can find all of these things. And there is terror being inflicted upon the beautiful souls of this earth. Everyday! I know, you don't want to hear about these atrocities, they happen to other people,

This site is dedicated to the victims of crimes committed in INDONESIA and all over the World.

Dear Friends, I call upon the people of the world to unite in prayer in an effort to put an end to these relentless and barbaric acts of horror. I pray that we would seek a resolution to this cause. We cannot rely on someone else to do it for us, we must ALL work and pray for God to intervene, uplift and deliver the innocent from the clutches of the madmen or women of this earth. God bless them in their healing, and provide for them an answer to their need.  We need your help to write and/or call the listed agencies, and organizations in an effort to get these situations under control., as well as bring these criminals to justice, and provide healing and aid to the victims of this terrorism. Please click on the link at the bottom of this page to obtain the contact addresses that can motivate an action to be taken by those who are experienced in this kind of negotiation. As well, if you have any connections, please do what you can to help! In loving spirit, we pray for you who are the victims, and those of you who have never been. We pray for the binding and casting away of all evil from the innocents, and we pray for the softening of the hearts of the evil ones, that they may be struck with the spirit of God and righteousness before they commit these hideous acts. We pray for healing energies, love and light to uplift the torments, the persecuted and the violated, the world over!
In the name of the Holy Trinity of God, Amen.



"We are all one, we are God's children
whether near or far. Let us unite in love! For love is what lets us breathe in
and out, and in the end, merges as one spirit forever.
Grace ~ Truvizion


I am a survivor of rape, childhood molestation, physical abuse, emotional abuse, verbal abuse, food addiction and self abuse.

Since I've been in recovery, I've always wanted to know, when will I be finished? How long does it take to deal with an issue before it's dealt with, truly, finally, dealt with? I realize now that there is no being finished with it. You experience it and you transcend and it just means something different to you. No matter what "IT" is. And then it no longer has power over you. You once again or maybe for the first time in your life, regain your personal power. Your rightful place in God's Dynasty. As his child, a part of him and all that is.

For how can we know ourselves if we don't have experiences. To just sit around and be like bumps on a log will show you nothing of yourself. No matter what struggles in life that you should be called upon to endure, there is a higher state that can be achieved because of these experiences. There is also a lower state that you can achieve should you choose to continue to give your power away. Personally, I don't choose to do that anymore! For many, many years, I gave my power away to people I felt were more worthy or able than I. I had no concern for myself, no self-esteem. As a matter of fact, I loathed myself. It seemed like every single thing I chose all throughout my life, got me more of the same. I WAS A VICTIM! And I didn't know how to stop being one. I didn't have a clue. I just knew that I couldn't stand the tightness of pain in my chest and throat. Constantly on the brink of tears, the fight was tremendous for many years. The depression was totally consuming. Oh, it came and went over the years, but each year it got worse and lasted longer. I was ready to give up, sooo tired. I kept thinking about my children and how they didn't deserve a Mom that wasn't normal. In my mind, the only way I could think of to save them from having the same kind of emotional problems I had, was to not be around them. But I knew I could never walk the earth and not be with them, never, ever. They and my husband were the only things that kept me alive. So, I cried out for help, and someone heard me, IT WAS ME! I HEARD ME! Loud and clear! I decided then and there that I was going to live and I was going to do it without the pain.

I went and got the help I needed. I started learning to deal with the pain instead of avoiding it any longer. I looked at everything! I picked my life apart for as far back as I could remember and made myself realize just how badly this little girl, this child of God had been misused. It wasn't this little girls fault, it was REAL, it did happen and it was TERRIBLE! And I'm so special to God, that he led me to get what I needed to be able to end the pain.
To be able to grow beyond even the most unspeakable atrocities! Once I admitted that I was powerless over all of these events and the pain they caused, I could open myself to see and learn what I couldn't before. All I needed was someone to lead me into my own awareness.

God put many wonderful people in front of me, and still does, people that believed in me, cared about me and taught me how to love myself again. And I did transcend! I learned volumes about me and what it takes to make me happy therefore making others that became a part of me, happy too. I have continued my search for enlightenment for 14 years and I have not been disappointed in all that I am now. I have learned, and will continue to learn to love this child of God. It is the ONLY TRUE way to give your gifts to others. You MUST have regard and respect and love of self to truly know and love others. And you MUST look for the gifts you have to offer. We all have them, it's our birthright! You have to experiment with things to find them, it does take action. Just like becoming aware of who you really are does!

Remember, you are not the compilation of what
has been done to you. You are the compilation
of what YOU have done for YOU! :)


Truth hurts ... not the searching after, the running from.
John Eyberg


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