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The links listed here are carefully picked for relevance to Lightworkers. There are a wide variety of topics included. And of course, the sites that belong to the friends of this site are of extra special importance. :)

I hope you enjoy yourself and will visit again soon. We will be adding more links all the time so this is just the tip of the iceberg. It takes a while to post them here and make sure the links all work. :) As always, if you would like to submit your favorites here, just e-mail me at

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Horoscope Links Page

Indigo Children Links Page

Psychic - Astrology - Mediumship - Tarot - Spiritual Counseling and Coaching Sites

The Tarot Consultant
Vicki Veil 
Astrologer Dawn
The Celestial Sisters Cyber Psychic Fair
The Seeker's Circle
Soulful Solutions
Moving Spirit
SpiritWeb, Spirit-WWW
Brad and Sherry Steiger
Inner Flight Personal Coaching
Visionary Living
John Edward
Silvia Brown
Oy Vey Psychic
Vedic Astrology
Victor Paruta
Indigo Blue Angels
Paths With Heart
Psychic Medium Christina
Lindy Wren Astologer
Blue Moon Visionary Group
Star Sapphire
Karmic Kat
Tickle Your Soul
A Lion Under the Sun
Tantra New York
The Happiness Zone
Ivy Sea Online
Divine Healing
Lunar Living Astrology
Road Vibes - Numerology
Mary Bontempo
A Proactive Change
Spirit Of Light
Inspiration Central

Inspirational Sites
Indigo Connection
Laws of the Universe
THE NEW EARTH - New Age Prophecies
Celebration Of Oneness Directory
Lightworker Home
JASMUHEEN'S Cosmic Internet Academy
Inspirational Stories
Afterhours Inspirational Stories
The Lightsmith Live Wire
The Inner Child Site
World Ministry of Prayer
Science of Mind Magazine
How to Do A Spiritual Mind Treatment
The Sanctuary of Universal Love
Institute of Evolutionary Science
American Meditation Institute
Iyanla Vanzant
The White Willow School of Tai Chi
Way of the WildGoddess
Light Network
Tantra Magic
Key of Eden
1 Spirit
Spirit Messengers
Terra Star
Ishayas' Ascension
Enchanted Spirit
Earth Healing
The Partners Within
Sanctuary Productions
Mystic Visions
Conversations With God
Positive Pause
The Great Illusion
Tara's Website
Barbara Sinor, Ph.D.
Crippin Lightheart
Dial Love

Bright Light Foundation

      The Goldie Hawn Bright Light Foundation creates programs that teach children how to understand the ways their minds work, and how their thoughts and feelings affect their behavior. Uniting scientists and educators to help children overcome conflict, explore creativity, and cooperate, the Foundation currently pilots studies on how to enhance a child's sense of self, capacity for joy, and resilience.

School-based programs can be viewed as early intervention strategies that:

1. Foster the fundamental needs of autonomy, belonging and competence.
2. Are guided by neuroscience, positive psychology, and current understandings of consciousness.
3. Incorporate the tools of attention training (also called mindfulness) in order to enhance children's understanding of the ways their minds work and how their thoughts and feelings affect their behavior.

Retreats - Intensive Spiritual Programs - Rest & Relaxation Centers

Circle Of Angelic Enlightenment
Pacheco Fine Arts - Angel Websites
Sun Angel
Angel Haven
AngelsArk Angels
Auras Angels
Angels Of The Net
Angelic Inspirations
Your Daily ANGEL & other Inspirations
Angel Therapy - Dr. Doreen Virtue
Shine Your Light
Lori's Angel Loft


Alternative New Age Music Cassettes and CD's 

Conscious Company



Angelic Harmonies

NorthStar Music, Ltd.

Serenity Music



  Melora (Higher-Dimensional Messages)
SpiritWeb - Spiritual Consciousness

Healing Related Sites

Distant Healing Network
Global Reiki Masters Association
The Healing Circle

Achello's Inner Cave - Reiki
Divine Healing

Media Related Sites
Wisdom Network
Angel Waves Radio
The Positive Press Good News Every Day
The Next Dimension Metaphysical Talk Radio Show

The Holistic Channel
New Dimensions Radio
Conversation with Exploration with Laura Lee
Soul Talk Radio - Austin, Texas

Education and certification via 
Teleclasses and Online Classes

Women's U - Virtual Educational Community
International Coach Federation
Coaching from Spirit
Karma Net Online Learning

Spiritually Conscious Churches

Church of Today
Truth of Life Centers - North American
Directory of Divine Science Churches 
Divine Unity, Circle of Divine Unity

New Thought Fillmore-style: 
the Unity family of beliefs and organizations...

Unity Church and Center Directory
Association of Unity Churches
Unity World Headquarters
Unity Progressive Council
Federation of Independent Unity Churches
Unity in Canada
Universal Foundation for Better Living 
(derived from Unity, by way of C.U.T. )

New Thought Holmes-style: the Religious Science (Science of Mind) family of beliefs and organizations...

United Church of Religious Science
Religious Science
Religious Science International
Affiliated New Thought Network 
(derived from Religious Science)
Process Science of Mind
Global Religious Science Ministries

Overall Organizations

International New Thought Alliance
INTA Archives
New Thought History Chart
2001 INTA Congress
Society for the Study of Metaphysical Religion
Interfaith Fellowship
Namaste Interfaith Church
Association for Global New Thought


Just Some Really Cool Sites

The Indigo Children - Special Interest Children's Books by Lori Lite
ATLANTIS Salon & Healing Spa
Natasha's Cafe - A Turkish Coffee Cyberstop and Import Boutique
Directory of Resources for Large-Sized Women
Plus Size Outlet Home Page
Rocky Mountain Jeans - Two Sisters
Hemp Supply Inc.
The House of Dra
Sugar's Costumes Studio Inc.
Natural Law Party
Namaste Cafe Library
The Candle Lighthouse
Earth Friendly Products
Chemical-free Cosmetics
Fantasy Costumes
Reflections of Light
Wish List Express
Art Bell Official Website
Femail Creations
Great American Products
New Age Online Australia
Power Pause - John Harricharan
Northern Lite Scentsations

Wild Wisdom
Ventana-Window of Heaven Catalog
Mystical Movies
Gourmet Coffee Directory

Sites That Make A Difference!

Straus Family Creamery

Bright Light Foundation

Renaissance Law Society

International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers
Women's Organic Flower Enterprise
The Hunger Site
Save the Rainforest
End Cancer Now
Greater Good.Com
The Kids AIDS Site
Aid for Teens
Working for Change
Stop the Death Penalty
Dali Lama - Tibetan Government's Official Site 
Give Water - Providing clean water everywhere

Gather the Women
Cause An Effect

Click for More! - Free Click to Give Sites



Free Online Personal Tests

Click here to read your free
'Color Genic' Personality Reading

Test your Intuition here

Free Online Journals

Wouldn't it be great to be able to write in your electronic journal when you have slow times at work, as well as when your are online at home? Well, you can, and you can also feel comfortable that's it is 100% private. Go to Oprah's Site and check it out.


Free Inspirational E-Zines

Serenity's Hope
The Inspiration Times
Angels Are With Us
Inspiration Line
Spirit of Success
Connecting With Light
Daily Dose of Gratitude

Psychology Related Sites

Inner Child-Codependency Recovery
Joy to You and Me
Co-Dependents Anonymous Home Page
The RECOVERY Group Home Page
Overeaters Anonymous Home
Jennifer Avalon's Essays

Health and Healing

Seasilver USA - Healing Site

Manchester School of Massage

Trainer Profiles is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Fitness careers.

Growth Related Sites

Inspiring Quotes About Happiness and Joy
Serenity's Hope
Creative Minds Meditation
Whole Life Books
Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating
Teddy Bear Therapy
Prosperity Is an Inside Job
Self-Realization Fellowship
Self Creation
Brad and Sherry Steiger
A Woman's Journey
Self-PowerŪ Center
Cancer Me and Serenity
ABCs of Personal Growth

The Dream Interpretation Center
A Path to Wholeness
Atlanta Advaita Talks
Rational Mysticism
Center For A Change
"Success Methods"  
Aspire Now
Self-Healing Expressions
Ivy Sea Online Leadership and Communications Center
The Student Success Manifesto
Saviour Behaviour

Spiritual Art Galleries

The Angels of Sandra Martindale
limited edition prints, posters, Fine Art

Thomas Kinkade Presented By Radiant Light Galleries LLC

Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light -- Virtual Gallery

Art galleries, conceptual arts, spiritual, figurative, abstract paintings

Spirit Art 

Josephine Wall
Anne Marston Studio
Crystal Art By Ofra

New World Creations

Sufi Sites

Sufi Order International
Chrysalis Connection:
The Feminine Council of the Sufi Order
The Sufi Healing Order
Serving the Guest: A Sufi Cookbook
Sufism's Many Paths


Health Related Sites


End Disease
NAET is a technique based on biomagnetic energy which eliminates all types of allergy and related disease. Iso-Pathic remedy balances mind, body and soul


Miscellaneous Sites

WILSON'S ALMANAC & Planet Directory
Have you seen this free, illustrated email-zine?
Daily celebrations: Folklore of each day; global festivals;
ancient Christian & pagan calendar customs; New Age;
spiritual; alternatives; On This Day; inspiration; humor; audio.


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