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Read this beautiful, inspiring poem 
by Oriah Mountain Dreamer entitled The Invitation.

This is a wonderful site that offers the most amazing pillows. I really believe in these and that's why I felt guided to share this with you here. Go to Mother Earth Pillows and find out what true comfort is all about! :)


"May God's Purest Light, Love and Spirit HEAL the hearts ... body, mind, spirit, and soul ... of ALL who visit here! Let us each be a candle through which God's light can shine to illuminate this world!"

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I hope you'll stay for a bit, browse around, enjoy the many pages .... and may your heart be brightened, your soul - your spirit be uplifted, and may the words and graphics upon these pages fill you up with love, like a fountain overflowing and let you know just how beautiful your inner light is and how very special, unique and original you are!:) Every page has something special and healing to offer!


Welcome to My Angel Loft
home of wings, hearts, smiles, love,
light and magical moments. Here you will find love, inspiration, hope, light, upliftment, comfort, serenity, encouragement, tranquility, healing and peace. Each page has something radiant and special to open your heart with love! I love sharing my heart and spirit with your heart and spirit!
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Soooo many have asked me about this lately, so ... I thought I would offer my gifts to everyone. Please feel free to read responses from a few people that have received readings from me. The reason this page was created was because I know that I like to be affirmed about a decision that I am contemplating and I felt you would too :)
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To learn "HOW to connect with 'YOUR' spiritual helpers, the Angels, Master Teachers and Spirit Guides"
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- Just as you are! You are hope! You are faith! You are one with all that is!:) You are serenity, peace, balance, abundance .... its all within you .... through the divinity and humanity that you naturally are .... you are enlightened NOW! Allow yourself to spend some quiet moments just for you, to feel that wholeness within.

We all are spirit .... let your spirit, your soul's light, wisdom, truth, love, that's not separate from you ... fill you up with you .... its unlimited Universal Source ... its God:)

Let this flow fill you up, like a quart of milk being poured into a glass that has no limit, no half full or half empty ... and let that personal power, truth, love, wisdom and light then radiate out into your world:) Pretend the milk without limit is God and the glass without limit is you!:) Its like inner referral, where the beauty never runs out .... divine power (God) its always there to draw from .... vs when we place the power into outer things - if the source of the power is gone (such as a title or job) then the power is too. Inner vs outer referral as Deepak Chopra would say:)

Love, Lori

From Archangel Michael as received through Lori Jean Flory in meditation.

As you sit in meditation, let your being melt into flow like a crystal clear, moving, dancing, laughing, bubbling stream of light and life force ..... BE the flowing love that you naturally are.

Step aside from your self, and melt, let go, surrender into oneness with the natural light that you have always been. Feel the essence of the core of light at the center of your being, a very real force of light that exists in the center of your body, around the navel. It is your core star, the seat of divine connection, your core, your center within, connected to all that is, and radiating out. It is a very real presence. Whenst you feel at peace, at bliss, when you feel whole and in tune, the God light is firmly connected , flowing, expressing as your soul, through this part of your being.

Melt, let yourself melt, surrender and feel the inner bliss of letting go.

From the core essence of all that is, is light ... is energy ... is thought ... most of all is love. Look not at the vessel but the river of light that flows through the vessel. The water turned into wine. Seek first to know the love that you are and your life shall mirror that love into your reality - prepare to meet the beloved within you and know that the beloved is you. Not only are you the beloved that the world sees but also the divine beloved - the essence of God within, that is one.

In this sense the doorway of light, the pillar of light that flows through your being, is within, from head to toe .... flowing into the earth and up from your head to the heavens as well, as above so below ..... heaven upon earth ..... in and of this world but not of it. Bringing humanity and divinity to this world at once. The well spring that you seek, is within the center of your being, your core connected to all that is. Let your connection be pure, be strong ..... be you.

Within your meditations, feel this .... know this. This doorway of light within the center of your being is a doorway to all other doorways of light within the heaven realms. All is within you. Go deep into your inner silence, and it shall light upon your shoulder gently as a friend. Deep within the silence is who you are. Through the silence can those angelic ones come softly into your awareness, as messengers of the one. Through the silence can you feel the TRUE you ... which is far more lovely than any picture you might have of yourself upon the earth.

Melt into the silence ..... you shall not disappear, but shall gain much.

In loving peace and bliss,
I AM Archangel Michael.


Be a sweetie and come and read about
"The Wisdom Teachings of Archangel Michael"
Received in gentle meditation through LoriRead some of the book! :) Jean Flory as told to Brad Steiger.

This is a book that will make your heart overflow with love, peace, light and hope, no matter where you open it up!!

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