Guardian Angels

Feeling safe can cover a lot of distance. It can range from feeling secure in your world, secure in your personal safety, if you live in a place that is full of violence and strife, to feeling secure that you can find your next meal, to a vague feeling of satisfaction with your circumstances. For most people, a feeling of safety lies lies somewhere in the middle.

As you begin to explore your own spirituality, the only real way you can feel safe is to adopt a belief that you are here for a reason, that you existed before you were born into this reality and that you will continue to exist after your body has died. A feeling of safety comes from a belief that you are loved unconditionally, by beings who are not caught up in your everyday reality in physicality.

To know that you have a Guardian Angel who is keeping watch over you can help you feel safe. This does not mean that when your soul has decided that it is time for you to experience an injury, disease or even death, that your Guardian Angel can protect you from these. But your Angel is someone who is with you at all times, is someone who walks beside you in your good times and your bad times, who can be invited to share with you, the pleasures and sorrows of your everyday life.

Your Guardian Angel loves you without question. Your Guardian Angel encourages you, gives you support.

There are other Angels who will be with you if you ask for them. You can ask an Angel to oversee your home. You can ask Angels to oversee your relationships. By believing that angels can be a part of your everyday life, that there is something higher that accompanies you at all times, can help you feel an enormous sense of safety, of security.

To know that you are loved, no matter what you say, know matter what you think, no matter what you feel, is a wonderful gift you can give to yourself. To imagine that you are not alone, to begin to believe it is true that you are not alone, can help you feel a sense of safety, comfort and security. It can also be the first step in learning that it is all right for you to love yourself with the same all encompassing love, no matter what you say, no matter what you think, no matter what you feel.

Love is what you are made of. Love is what has created the entire universe. And any steps you take to tap into that feeling of love, for yourself or for those around you, is a tapping into your true nature.

-copyright 1996, 1997 Janet Dane-


Who are our Guardian Angels?

No evil shall befall you, nor shall affliction come near your tent, for to His Angels God has given command about you, that they guard you in all your ways. Upon their hands they will bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.
Psalm 91: 10-12

A heavenly spirit assigned by God to watch over each of us during our lives.  The role of the guardian angel is both to guide us to good thoughts, works and words, and to preserve us from evil.


A Mother's Prayer to the Guardian Angels of her children

I humbly salute you, O you faithful, heavenly Friends of my children! I give you heartfelt thanks for all the love and goodness you show them. At some future day I shall, with thanks more worthy than I can now give, repay your care for them, and before the whole heavenly court acknowledge their indebtedness to your guidance and protection. Continue to watch over them. Provide for all their needs of body and soul. Pray, likewise, for me, for my husband, and my whole family, that we may all one day rejoice in your blessed company. Amen


Prayer to Our Holy Guardian Angels

Heavenly Father, Your infinite love for us has chosen a blessed angel in heaven and appointed him our guide during this earthly pilgrimage. Accept our thanks for so great ablessing. Grant that we may experience the assistance of our holy protector in all our necessities. And you, holy, loving angel and guide, watch over us with all the tenderness of your angelic heart. Keep us always on the way that leads to heaven, and cease not to pray for us until we have attained our final destiny, eternal salvation. Then we shall love you for all eternity. We shall praise and glorify you unceasingly for all the good you have done for us while here on earth. Especially be a faithful and watchful protector of our children. Take our place, and supply what may be wanting to us through human frailty, short-sightedness, or sinful neglect. Lighten, O you perfect servants of God, our heavy task. Guide our children, that they may become like unto Jesus, may imitate Him faithfully, and persevere till they attain eternal life. Amen


Another Prayer to the Guardian Angels

My good Angel, Thou comest from heaven; God has sent thee to take care of me. Oh, shelter me under thy wings. Lighten my path, direct my steps. Do not leave me, stay quite near me and defend me against the spirit of evil. But above all come to my help in the last struggle of my life. Deliver my soul so that with thee it may praise, love and contemplate the goodness of God forever and ever. Amen

guard6.jpeg (6996 bytes)Do you feel like you've been touched by an angel?

Is a happy coincidence a mystery, a happenstance, or an angel?

If you ask, an angel appears.

No two angels, like the snowflakes, are alike.

When you feel lost, an angel reminds you things are not always what they seem.

Angels carry messages of love.

Seek an opportunity to become an angel.

An angel's gift is the gift of hope.

Simple moments are extraordinary. Simple angels are divine.

If you share a smile, you have also shared an angel's love.

Angels resurrect your faith in Human nature.

Angels don't fall from the sky, they emerge from within.

Whenever the next moment arrives when you feel you are ready to fly, look around you. There are always openings in the field of angels.

To become an angel you must be willing to give your light to the world...( No matter how it may be treating you lately)

Angels are willing to fall on their faces once in a while for the privilege of flying.

Angels don't disappear, even if you pretend they don't exist.

Let your angelic light shine and guide others who need the light to find themselves.
The work of an angel is endless but ever so fulfilling.

Like the torch of a lighthouse to bring the lost vessels home, your inner light is stout hearted if you turn it on.

Angels are there to reverse the skepticism your light may have.

Don't fear to let your true self are beautiful when the light reveals your soul.

Our heart is the voice of the soul. Listen carefully and in its beating you will hear the fluttering of angel wings.

Angels know that if you smile it is infectious.

Angels lend us their wings so that we may find our way home.
If we understand our imperfections, angels can help us refine them and use them to our benefit.

Angels are sages - they teach us not with words but inspire us with their actions.

Angels help us "gossip" only about the beauty in others.

Angels are the guardian of our souls.

Angels have countless suggestions, but are discreet in helping us discover answers through our own insights.

Angels, like friends, have open arms and seek our love.
If you walk in love, you walk with angels.

If you've ever felt love then you most certainly have been touched by an angel.

Angels are the love that overcomes hatred.

In the stillness of winter, listen for an angel.

Angels are always there to listen. Have you shared your innermost thoughts today?

Carve quiet spaces in your life and in the silence you will hear the angels.

With notes of grace and graceful movements, angels give praise.
Angels remind us that we are loved as well as needed by this world.

A kind soul is inspired by angels.

Angels remind us that the gift of life must be savored.

Angels help us visualize our dreams and then find ways to help make them come true.

To an angel, incompletion is a chance for a new beginning.

An angel assures us that we can discover universal truths.

Angels visit us on earth to remind us we had a celestial beginning.
Angels are the light that illuminates our soul's divinity.

Angels are our gentlest friends.

Angels have good attitudes - if you view things as they do, the result will be good fortune.

Angels help free us from the web of negativity.

Angels want us to let go of hurt so that we may move forward in love and joy.

The song of a robin is an angel's voice in the garden.

Angels instill in us the rejoicing of spring so that we may find new beginnings in everyday things.

Our guardian angels are our companions for life.
Our life is a window through which angels appear.

When we invite an angel into our inner sanctuary, we create a home for love.

Angels are like intuition; they gleam like fiery embers within our souls.

Angels share their ability to view situations from every perspective.

Angels help us live forever when our good deeds touch the heart of another.

Children are our links to the universe, for they are the closest things to angels and God.

Angels impart a calmness that assures us of God's endurance.
An expression of anger may make you feel good temporarily, but expressing kindness makes you feel good forever. Like the angels.

Angels help us seek our higher selves.

The material world is fleeting. Love, the world of an angel, is enduring.

Angels do not request sacrifice, they ask only that we celebrate every day.

Angels are the guardians of our souls.

Angels carry you to unknown places where you'll discover the reason you were put here on earth.
In time of need, an angels always offers a hug.

When you desire fragrance, an angel is a flower. When you desire music, an angel is a songbird.

An angel's love, like a quiet summer day, is as uncomplicated as breathing in and out.

Angels know that when we infuse our soul with the beauty of life, we will realize our dreams.

Angels are the spirit that permeates the universe and lives within us. We seek oneness.

Angels see the smallest and simplest of things as a reason to celebrate, and do so by radiating their joy.
Windchimes in your yard will serenade garden creatures - squirrels, fairies and angels.

Angels help us decipher the mysteries in life by encouraging us to share our insights with them.

Angels offer us their hearts and souls; we must respond by offering ours in return.

Angels give us faith to wait for mysteries to be revealed.

Angels are vigilant and wait for openings to enter our consciousness.

A company of angels follows us wherever we go. They share everything with us - our happiest hours and deepest sorrows.
Angels, before they dance over the seas and on the wind, always offer to carry us with them.

Our mind is a sacred place for our thoughts to gather and spend time with angels.

Angels know that the care of the soul lies in simplicity.

Angels see us for what we are and they love what they see.

Our lives are a journey that we should travel with angels.

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature.

Angels are not superior to us, they are merely our spiritual counterparts and helpers.
Angels are a natural part of the scenery, so don't be surprised if you don't recognize them right away.

Angels have countless suggestions, but are discreet in helping us discover answers through our own insights.

Angels welcome diversity and so are champions of our individuality. When anxiety looms, stop and take a deep breath. While you rest, angels will step in and restore serenity.

Angels have no boundaries, but are willing to respect yours.

An angel can illuminate the darkest path.

The river of life flows with angels upstream, blending bliss and sadness with the knowledge that you'll meet happiness around the bend.

Angels trancend every religion, every philosphy, every creed. In fact angels have no religion as we know it---- their existence precedes every religious system that has ever existed on earth.



Guardian Angel Exercise

Here is a short exercise you can use as often as you want to tap into the feeling of security and safety that you get when you get closer to your true nature. Use this during times of forgetfulness, when you are unsure of yourself, when you feel a little bewildered or lost.


1. Find a quiet spot to sit for a moment.

2. Close your eyes and imagine you can feel the presence of your Guardian Angel. If you could see this Angel, what would it look like to you? Any shape or form is fine, for your angel will take on the shape you need the most, the form you want to see. Your Angel encourages contact from you and is quite willing to mold its form into a shape that you find comfortable with. Imagine this as clearly as you can.

3. Imagine that this Angel is smiling, that this Angel is radiating a love that surrounds you with comfort, safety and security. Really feel this feeling in your body if you can. Feel it in your emotions.

4. Imagine that your Angel is saying to you these words "It's all right. It's all right, It's all right." Allow your body to feel the relief that accompanies these words. Allow your body to feel relief in the knowledge that it *is* all right. For it is all right for you to be who you are, to think what you think and to feel what you feel.

5. If there is something else that you would like your Guardian Angel to say to say to you - something that is loving, that holds no judgement, only love - a greater love than you have ever experienced in this lifetime - then imagine your Angel saying this to you. Feel the words of your Angel moving through your body, settling your unsettled emotions, calming your confusion.

6. Thank your angel for this gift. And know that the words your Angel has said and the feeling of comfort your angel has brought you, the feeling of safety, is yours. You can tap into this at any time, in any place. It is your birthright.

Through the use of imagination, to imagine that your Angel is there, you tap into the reality that your Angel *is* there. Through the use of your imagination, you begin to develop a relationship with your Guardian Angels or with the other High Beings and Angels around you.

These exercises in imagination are the beginnings of a wonderful reality in which you begin to understand the essence of who you are.

Invite your Angel to be with you at other times. Acknowledge your Angel's presence when you are sitting in the theatre watching a movie, enjoying a beautiful song, or during a time of discomfort or stress. Know that your Angel is with you at all times, in good and in bad, and you give yourself the gift of safety, of security, of knowing that you are not alone. You do not have to face your world alone. You have help.

-copyright 1996, 1997 Janet Dane-

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