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Marsha Dale Kennedy. Within this site you will find my/Spirit's thoughts presented in the form of poems and prose. I hope you enjoy your visit and will check back often for new thoughts. Click below to enter.




If letting go means I will be where I need to be.
If letting you know all the things I hid 
will bring me closer to the sky.
If the pain makes me stronger, I hand you the whip.
If the sacrifice of self brings me closer to God then I lay
Who I was, who I am and who I will be upon the alter.
If my words aren't enough, I hand you my heart.
I have never wanted so much, but been filled to capacity.
I stand in the face, in the center of the storm, 
willing and waiting. I am a painting, waiting, 
and wanting to be colorful and bright
What the Creator intended me to be.
I step out of my comfort, naked, 
ashamed of my shortcomings
But knowing I am human. I give myself to God,
I will die if necessary to fulfill the 
plan that God created for me.
This is my commitment to the mystery.

2000 Marsha Dale Kennedy  
All rights reserved


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