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Sanskrit definition of Light:
Light is one of the most universal and fundamental symbols. It is the spiritual and the divine, it is illumination and intelligence. Light is the source of goodness and the ultimate reality, and it accompanies transcendence into the Nirvana of Buddhist doctrine. Light is knowledge. Lightworkers are people that bring this knowledge into their everyday reality and offer it to the world.

Lightworkers of the World ... this is YOUR Cafe!


One of my goals in creating this site is to manifest my vision of owning a physical, Namaste Cafe Internet Coffee House.  It is to be, in essence, what this website is intended to be. A place where we can gather and connect on a soul level. I don't know where this physical place is suppose to be yet. So, until I feel I know the answer to that and acquire funding for this vision, I intend to create it here.

    About 10 years ago, I received this vision. I know that may seem kind of strange to some, but to others it makes perfect sense. :) In this vision, I saw exactly how Anne Marston Originalthis place is to look. What the topics of conversations are to be and all the teaching that will go on there too.  But I still don't have a clue as to where it is to be opened or when for that matter.  I mean, I know exactly what the coffee machines, floors, counters, tables, chairs, lighting, ambiance, EVERYTHING, is suppose to look and feel like!  I know how I am to acquire the funds to do this and that certain people (don't know who yet) will be brought into my life to help in this endeavor. But, not the location. I am at a point in my life right now where my time to do this is being graciously provided, if now is the time. But, I can't very well build it if I don't know where it's suppose to be built. If anybody out there has any insight on this I would LOVE to hear it!! I am asking the Universe for guidance. :)



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     I am from a region of America that is included in the Bible Belt. Now, I think that the bible is a valuable tool to introduce us to a  relationship with God. But, it's only a portion of the whole True picture, in my opinion. There is sooo much more to it! It's a good introduction to Godly ideas. I personally feel that some things in the Bible are unrepresentative of the Whole Truth about us and our relationship with God. Or at any rate, they have been explained to me in a way that leads me to believe this. Yes, we are all God's children, but with a twist. I believe we are God individualized.

     In essence, it takes every single being in the universe to make up the One God.
Some call this force, the Father/Mother, Universe, Goddess, Great Spirit, the Great I AM. For the Christians it is God almighty, Buddhists: The Godhead Buddha, Moslems: Allah, Hindus: Brahma, Egyptians: Ra, Greeks: The first Titan, Shamans: The Spirit Medieval: Minerva, the One that is all of us. Among many, many other names that span this big, beautiful world of ours.  It would be way too long to write all that goes with this belief system here. So I will spread all of the examples throughout this website in hopes of connecting with you. :)  Below is a taste of what I am talking about.  And you can also read My Adopted Credo here. 

Why an Internet Coffee House?

      Because of my passion for coffee! :) I see coffee as a gathering together tool. I mean, it even taste better when you share a cup with someone else, now doesn't it? I want to live in a community where we can meet with people to share. Share our lives, loves, wisdom, passions, insights, God given gifts, sameness and our spiritual journey! I don't have that readily available where I am located right now. At least I don't have access to many people that have a similar vision. Heck, If here is where I am to open this Coffee House, I may be burned at the stake or stoned to death. LOL But if that is my path, I am more than willing to do it here. :)

      There are so many different varieties of coffee. But, put them all together and you still have coffee, right? It's just like us, so many different varieties, yet we are all still humans. Beings of love and light.


What you will find in the Virtual Namaste Cafe .............

 Inside this site is a Discussion area, chat room and with your help and input, the bulletin board will be filled with upcoming events and global meditations, times and dates. Also the Lightworkers Directory, to list your services/business and talents/gifts, free. A library, magazine section, visual arts gallery, archive of channelings from around the world and lots of inspiring, educational, empowering and even poetry pages.  We will post interviews from people discussing their fields of interest and expertise and so much more! Please go to the Lightworkers Directory and add your listing for your services or business for others to find you. :)

A simplistic real time talk feature (no typing!) is being added and also a music/radio station feature where we can listen to our all of our friend's music, poetry, meditations, radio shows, anything! No software needed if you have Windows on your machine. Which leads to the next feature I want to tell you about. There is a Computer Learning Center filled with information to help you have a more enjoyable computing/internet experience. More to be added there too, of course.  You'll just have to dig in and find what interests you! :) You will notice at the bottom of every page in this site there is a place to translate the text into Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. :)



The artwork above is by a wonderful artist called Anne Marston. Please drop by her site to look at all the wonderful creations she has created!

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